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     Catalina International Caterers will provide an on-location, full service, international cuisine catering operation aimed at the corporate community with the highest quality of food and service possible. We plan to accomplish these goals with a "can-do" attitude toward each client and each event by observing the following:

  1. Providing numerous menus for client selection.
  2. Careful selection of quality meats and produce.
  3. Maintaining a review of the latest culinary ideas.
  4. Using the fusion cuisine concept in food production.
  5. Producing creative ideas in food service and food production for each event.
  6. Treating each client and each guest as though they are guests in our own home.
  7. Protecting food and beverages during transportation to and from the client site.
  8. Operating the kitchen production facility in the cleanest possible environment.
  9. Setting the example of commitment to excellence, integrity, and ethics.
  10. Offering our products and services at a reasonable price on a consistent basis at all times.


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